What could have been

I was all geared up to post pictures of inside the new Target Field. Pictures taken FROM FIELD LEVEL. Pictures of the locker room, of the complicated guts of the place.

But it had to snow yesterday. It had to snow so hard that bus drivers, who usually can deal with anything because they have to deal with 70+ rowdy disrespectful annoying school-age children every single day TWICE (and sometimes more), were afraid to take to the road.

The field trip I was supposed to go on with work was canceled. I was very sad.

Then I got sent home from work six hours early and I perked right up.

And my sewing machine and I had some quality time together. But I didn't take pictures of that, so all you get today is a bunch of words.


Jen said…
Yes, we need some pictures. You said you'd post pictures of your sewing projects. Tap, tap, tap...that's my finger waiting.

It snowed here last night but that much or enough to warrant school/bus cancellations. I so want it to be spring though. Down with snow! Down with snow! Down with snow!
Jen said…
ETA: I meant to say "not" in the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph between but and that.
I will, I will! But I have to finish Marissa's pants before I can sew my skirts. I think I can get the pants done this morning. So in the afternoon, I can do up some skirts.
Jenni said…
Yay for quality time with a machine for sewing. I did the same thing!! I hope they reschedule that field trip. It sounds like Travis' dreams come true.