The mashed potatoes were a deep deep green

The St. Patrick's Day dinner was successful. Successful in that I got everything made in time, in spite of teaching seminary this morning and working seven hours today (finished at 6 p.m.).

Even the rainbow jello. It took three days, but I did it.

This is the table before we began dinner.
This is the rainbow jello. I love rainbow jello.
I was supposed to work 9 hours today, but was able to pare off 2 hours. With that extra two hours at home, I made a grasshopper fudge cake. I've never made it before, but I saw it on a recipe calendar and thought it looked good.
And here is a series of pictures from dinner featuring Hayley and Matt (Paul was working). Dinner with these two is never quiet. Or boring.
Hayley says the above picture is Matt's future facebook profile picture (he's not on facebook yet).

In the last few days, I've noticed Matt is turning into a teenager. He may still be behind size-wise, but I've noticed a little shadow on his upper lip and his face is lengthening. Oh Lord have mercy upon my soul--my baby is approaching puberty!

Hayley leaves tomorrow for Chicago (band trip). Can you imagine the excitement? Her packing list includes an inordinate amount of candy. I don't know where she's going to get it. She is taking a camera, though, and will hopefully take lots of pictures.

Happy wearing o' the green!

I'll leave you with one last picture:


Jenni said…
RAINBOW JELLO!!! Yum. How odd to look at your table with just 2 kids at it. And Matt IS looking older. So many odd things all in one post. Make it stop! My food wasn't as exciting. The girls took breakfast this morning to seminary and Roz refused to make Green eggs and ham (breakfast casserole). She made brownies with mint (green) icing. I like your picture the bestest.
Jen said…
I want rainbow jello! Looks like you a fun top o' the evening. We all wore green in our family, but that's all we did to celebrate. I think that last picture should be your future FB profile pic.