Dashing through the rain,

In my blue decrepit van,
Working's such a pain,
Yes, I'm working for "the man."

I have no idea what I just wrote. But sing it to the tune of "Dashing through the snow" because that's what I did.

Gotta work 8 hours today, friends. Gotta go grocery shopping too. And get ready to receive Hayley back from her band trip into my empty arms.

So no blogging today. You might get lucky tomorrow though because I only work 5 hours and Paul gets his braces off! I might have to show off his teeth. Pics from Hayley's band trip might be forthcoming too, but that depends on how many pictures she took and of what. You never know what a 14 year-old will do with technology. (SHE'S 14! TODAY!) And by the way, she hasn't texted ONCE since she left. We've texted her and not received answers. Cheeky girl.

Have a fabulous day. Happy Birfday to Hayley! Any suggestions for a cake theme? Please?


Jenni said…
Yay for work. Notice the enthusiasm. You have many blogworthy events. Maybe I'll sit down and blog, too.
Jen said…
Busy lady! I was so hoping to have spring weather waiting for me upon my return to WI, but alas it wasn't meant to be. Snow expected on Wed/Thurs. At least I got a week of it in NC.
TaterBean said…
I txtd her too...and she didn't respond either. You should do some stupid anime thing that she likes for her cake.
YAY for Paul!
TaterBean said…
Or the Chicago skyline since she was in Chicago for her bday weekend lol