Dwelt a miner, forty-niner

Someone had a birthday yesterday. He needed a cake. Sadly for him, I've been too busy to do anything except work and teach seminary and sleep.

So his cake didn't get done until today. Wanna see?

I could have done a "miner, 49er" cake, but I thought the football team cake was more his style.

Jim actually came up with the idea for a "49er" cake while we were out to dinner on Saturday. His words were "I'll be a 49er in a few days." And I thought that was a good idea for a 49th birthday (it also helps that he is from the Bay Area and is a 49er fan).

There. I blogged. All you who called me or emailed me or messaged me in some way with concern over my blog absence can now back off. Just kidding! I thank you for contacting me!


Jessie said…
yaaaay you're back! I've missed my daily does of Shoebox Princess!

The cake looks awesome! I hope Jim had a great birthday!
Jenni said…
Clever and awesome cake!! Sorry I harassed you.
Jen said…
Woohoo, you finally posted something. I was getting promptings as well and finally took the time to do it. Whew! Clever cake.nit turned out awesome. Seriously though, I better be getting a piece of that in the mail.
Jen said…
Cake.nit is supposed to be cake. It