Cake face

The birthday dinner and the cake are now done. Yes, they were a day late, but last night Hayley wasn't in the mood for sugar, and I hadn't had the time or energy to make anything.

But today I was able to get up the necessary energy required to celebrate a proper Evans family birthday.
I hadn't decided on a cake design until today. Yes it's her face, but mostly it's an homage to the drawings she does of herself. Hayley thought it was a little weird to eat her own face, but once we carved it up, she was ok with it, even to the point of fiddling with the lips and making funny mouth pictures and giving herself a fondant mustache.

Happy birthday a day late to my littlest girl!


the cake looks amazing! such talent!
Jake said…
Sara, fancy cake! Also, I'm not sure if I would recognize Paul if I hadn't seen the before & afters. It hearkens me back to the photo contests Uncle Bill used to put together. Who's this guy? Not sure, but I think it's Paul. Why the hair unlengthening? Was he tapering for XC or something. You should post more of Hayley's art. I know she has fancified her facebook page with it, but I don't do myface or anything like that, yet (I suppose).
Jenni said…
Great cake!! I am looking forward to your skillz for Morgan's gradiation cake! Happy birthday to Hayley and I hope she is feeling better after losing the camera.
Jen said…
Happy {belated} Birthday, Hayley! I hope you had a wonderful day! That cake is so cool. Very clever and nicely done. Such talented relatives I have.