My torso aches from coughing.

I'm just checking in to say that I was sick all weekend, and I'm still not at full functional capability, but I did go to seminary and work today and I have to go grocery shopping.

This week is going to be a bugger of a week. I'm working 9 hours (not including seminary) Wednesday and Thursday and 8 (again not including seminary) hours on Friday. So if I don't post much this week, that's why. (fortunately I have all of Wednesday's seminary lesson prepared and half of Thursday's)(Band trip meeting Tuesday, and St. Patty's day dinner on Thursday)(Hayley leaves Friday afternoon)(Just blogging about the week is wearing me out!)(Woe to me!)(must put on a happy face and jump right in to the hecticity)(I can do this)

Smiles, everyone! Smiles!

PS to my mother: Thanks for the leftovers. I hope your cake was edible. What did you think of the "caterpillar" on it? Hayley and Matt had fun with the fondant.

Picture of your birthday cake later. Although I know that you know what it looked like.


Jenni said…
I had that week last week and a little this week, minus the sick (thank heavens). I hope you feel better. Woe to you. (he he he he). Stay strong.