Sunday evening with a cat and Jim's new toy and Matt's face

Hmmm. I haven't posted kitty pictures lately. Most of the time I think I've had Servo on the blog. Today it's Magic's turn. Boy, was he happy (not really).

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but Magic is kind of a big cat. You can tell, thought, that he loves Paul. He relaxes completely on Paul's lap.
Magic doesn't like Hayley.While I was torturing the cat with the camera, Jim was playing with his new toy. He got it for his birthday, courtesy of his parents. He calls it "Lizzard" (and yes, it is spelled correctly. "Lizzard" is a nickname Jim acquired in high school). He calls his iTunes playlist "Old Man Music," which I find funny.
One last photo. Matt. There is nothing I could say about this picture that would adequately explain it.


Jen said…
Some fun, random images. Magic is a funny cat. Of all the people to like, Paul seems to be the least likely culprit since he shows no interest in the cats. Maybe that's the key with Magic; he wants what he can't have. Cool, new toy, Jim. You'll never go back to c.d.s.
TaterBean said…
Oh how I miss throwing the Magic cat across the room and loving it with my big hugs. And, Matt's face was funny! LOL