Did she make it?

So another middle school newsletter came out. Do you remember that Hayley has appeared in 4 out of 6 issues? Click here to refresh your memory on the subject on Hayley appearing in the newsletter. I know you are all waiting to hear if she made it into the March issue.


That makes 5 out of 7 issues.

We had quite a laugh about it. We think that the person who puts the newsletter together seeks out pictures that include Hayley.

Here is the picture. You can choose to view either the picture in its natural form or in its labeled form.

Natural first:

Labeled form:
The picture was celebrating "I Love to Read" month. I don't know what pajama pants and stuffed animals has to do with reading....


Jen said…
Hahaha, Hayley sure is famous. She can't seem to ditch the paparazzi.
lorlor.1995 said…
You read in comfy pajamas. It is the best outfit for reading. Reading in bed is also the best place for reading. I'm so glad y'all weren't disappointed with this installment of the school newsletter. She has her own series of "Where's Hayley" books.
Jenni said…
I don't know who lorlor.1995 is but they were signed in to our blogger page - maybe Rozzie's friend Lauren who is over... But that last post was from me, jenjen1969.