Bird is the word

The other evening at dinner, Matt had his head cocked to the side so his mid-sagittal plane was parallel to the floor, and he was drinking water, then holding it in his mouth for a little while. I asked him what he was doing (I might have said, "What the heck are you doing??"). He looked at me without moving his head, swallowed the water in his mouth, and said, "I'm a sideways pelican." The boy is TWELVE. Not FOUR. Yet, he still exists in his own imaginary world.

I want to open that boy's head up and see just what is going on in there.

And now for something not completely different, since it involves Matt.

And Hayley. This has to do with the monthly parent newsletter sent out by the middle school that Matt and Hayley attend. Since school began, my children have appeared in photographs in the newsletter 4 out of the 6 issues. And none of the photos are recognitions for outstanding studentry. They are just random photos from activities and classes in the school.

I have taken the liberty of copying some of the pictures so you can see that I'm telling the truth.

From October:Here is Hayley playing a clarinet in a middle school band concert outside the high school. I did not take this picture. I arrived half an hour too late and thus did not see them play.

From November (and please excuse the elongated picture. The select tool didn't work very well on this particular picture):
Hayley appeared in November too:
And here again, (no labeling or circling, because I couldn't get Paint to circle in any other color but black) She's wearing the green hat and tunic (it was dress up for Halloween day at school)
They didn't appear in December, but Hayley did crop up twice in January's newsletter:
Her English class was reading "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as a play and she was one of the readers. And here she is again. She thinks she was playing Quince that day, hence the hat (although why a beretish hat represents Quince is beyond my power to fathom)(At least she wasn't playing Bottom--the other girl is bottom, hence the donkey ears, which I thought at first were big feathers).
And finally, this brings us to February's newsletter. Which I deleted without reading from my email account because I figured certainly none of the children are in the newsletter AGAIN. And then I thought I should check to make sure. And so I went into the deleted folder, found the link, and voila, there is Hayley in her foods class:
Can Hayley and Matt keep up the good work of weaseling their way into future newsletters? We shall see.


Jen said…
Way to go, guys! Keep up the good work. I never made it into any photos in newsletters/yearbooks/any school propaganda, and neither do my children. Does this mean something?
Jenni said…
You guys still have "FOODS" classes? We are so lacking in Florida!!!

I like the "Where's Waldo" thing you have going on with your kids. There is another term for this, it is called: creeping. Rozzie and her friends have turned it into an art form.

Great pictures of your kids interacting in places you never get to see them interact.