Taking out a contract on one of the kids and listening to another

One of my little minions owes me some money. Tired of nagging the guilty party for what is owed, I wrote up a contract.

I still owe mom $6.00. I need to do jobs to pay her back.

I will do these jobs:

1. __________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________

5. __________________________________________________

6. _________________________________________________

I will do them all by this date: ____________________

This means that I will do _____ job every ________ day at this time of the day _____________________ in order to meet the deadline.

If I do not complete the jobs by the time I have promised, I will pick out double the number of jobs on the list and choose a new deadline. I understand that further missed deadlines will result in mom posting a big sign in my room that says, “I cannot borrow money from Mom because I don’t pay her back. I will have to earn money BEFORE I want it and I will not ask mom for money.” And I will have to do more jobs.

I understand that doing this teaches me how to manage money, how the economic and financial system in our country works, and that I do not get anything for free. I have to work in order to earn money.

I also understand that I will not be borrowing money until this debt is paid off. And even then, all requests will be subject to harsh scrutiny and might be turned down.

Signed _________________________________________________ date _____________________

The guilty party laughed at the contract, but recognized that it was necessary and filled it out and signed it. I will get my six dollars' worth of good hard labor (I pay a pittance) in two weeks.

The guilty party taped it to a mirror where it will be seen so I have high hopes for a resolution without having to resort to the big sign in the room.

Money borrowing does not happen often, so this isn't an example of moochery and sponginess.

Also, I have pictures from Paul's band concert last Monday.
The band was the best I'd ever heard it. They played very well.


Jenni said…
I love the contract!! How very financially responsible they will be!

Great band pictures. Were you up on stage taking those? And Paul did look like he was spewing hateful thoughts. I can't imagine the excitement of the Godzilla piece!!
Jen said…
I'm totally going to steal that contract idea one day. Annie loved putting together Mimi's Lego Sponge Bob's House (that Mimi wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole), and is now asking if she can do jobs to save up $ for her next Lego set. What she doesn't realize is that those Lego sets are uber expensive and would require months of work from her to save up enough money. It'll probably be easier just to wait until her birthday.

Was the song really about Godzilla in Las Vegas? That's too funny. Paul looks like he did a great job.