Retro letters

I cleaned in my room just a little today, if you can call putting really old letters into a binder "cleaning."

And because I have nothing to post about today, I am going to post the contents of one of the letters, written 25 September 1986 by my brother Jake, who was a freshman in high school at the time, and I was a freshman in college. I'm gonna type it as he wrote it, even though it pains me not to change his non-standard usages to standard ones.

He writes:

Dear Sara,
I am writing this letter on a computer in the southern wing of the building. This computer center has one Apple IIe and aaaah, well I guess it's the only one [I'm butting in here. The building Jake is referring to is my mother's house. Yes, she had an Apple IIe! She was ahead of the times back then, courtesy of her husband, my stepdad Gary.] It is so much easier to write letters with this Applewriter disk Gary let me use [floppy disks!]. Ha Ha Ha I thought that was funny so should you.

In one of the previous letters I sent you I shouldn't have made that crack about having mono. 'Cause guess what, unh huh, I came down with it within a week and boy was it terrible...But I got over it faster than you did. I didn't sleep as much as you did either. I suppose that we just have very peculiar immune systems in the wonderful things that God made that we call bodies. But the wonde--oops, don't want to get sidetracked with Robert Schuller language. So give me money--oops there I go again. It's an epidemic going around school these days [the Robert Schuller jokes. And presumably the mono too]
Mr. Geldert [school band teacher] flicked his hair back 16 times in one day. One of my friends counted him doing that.


OK, I'm back. There. I have fulfilled my blogging duty for today. You may look forward to a Mike letter soon and maybe even a Dave one. Then I'll be done because that's all the brothers I have.


Jen said…
See, I suppose it can be worth being a packrat because then you unearth some fun memories. How nice that your brothers used to write you letters when you moved away. I'm sure your mom (the letter-writing lady) had something to do with that. She laughed at me when I told I was saving her letters. I wonder if she would laugh at you if you she knew you still had letters from your brothers in the 80's. Hahahahaha!
Jenni said…
That is so funny. I laughed OUT LOUD when it got to the Robert Schuller part. NO WAY!! I'd forgive him his writing skills as he was just a freshman and he surpasses most of my students!!