Last letter, dear readers. I picked this one because Dave taunts Jim in it. I left home when Dave was 11 and so I didn't see him develop into the smart aleck he is today, but this letter proves that he was winding up to it. And it showcases one of Dave's favorite pastimes, baseball.

At the top of the page, he starts with this:

A simple math equation for Sara, 11(2)=x, answer on back. [He sent this around my 22nd birthday so this letter would have been from early Dec 1989 when Dave was a freshman in high school]

Dear Sara and Jim (and the little one) [I was pregnant with Kate],
Very very cold here. No snow. That's very, very bad for me and the ski team. I got new skis and poles, and boots and the whole bit. Now all I need to learn is how to ski. I got on the B honor roll for the 1st quarter! That's quite an accomplishment for me at least. I don't know if I told you this already, but I got a student recognition award for history.

Jim, here's the new Oakland Athletics anthem:
Verse 1: "We are losers, We can't play baseball"
Verse 2. "Jose Canseco uses steroids, Dave Stewart can't pitch"
Chorus: "The As stink!"
Now how about that folks!!!

Atlanta Braves RULE!!!

How does it feel to have to wait for your first child? Anxious? He/she will probably grow up to be an Atlanta Braves fan!


Ahh, Dave!


TaterBean said…
He/She did not grow up to be an Atlanta Braves fan...

Jen said…
Haha, I totally remember when it seemed EVERYONE loved the Braves in the late 80's/early 90's. Looks like Dave got sucked in, too. He definitely is still that smart aleck.
Jim said…
I love the A's song! Very prophetic about Canseco and steroids, too. But the A's got the last laugh that year, since they won the earthquake World Series.
Jenni said…
That is such a random letter. And the song makes no sense. It is rather forward of a freshman to harass a new brother-in-law so ruthlessly when they didn't know each other so well.

These are so funny. And isn't it weird to talk about Katie in such a futuristic/unknown way?
Jenni, Jim and I were just discussing that. Back then it would have seemed strange to think that someday a totally grown up adult Katie would read something said about her before she was born. Back then we had no idea what she would be like. And now we know!