Bassooning in a bow tie

Another concert last night. This time Hayley played with the Middle School Honor band in a double concert with a band comprised of adult musicians from Bloomington.

In this picture, Hayley blows air through the double reed which she has inserted into the mouthpiece of her instrument, thus making some noise, which you can't hear because it's only a picture, not a video.
Here is a labeled picture of the band as they are standing up to move off the stage to make room for the older band.
This is a picture of a face that Hayley made. I had to guess at the conversation. I might have been wrong.
This pictures is not of Hayley, but of Katie's former flute teacher. She's in the Bloomington band.
After the concert, Mrs. O (the flute teacher) approached Hayley because she recognized her from all the times I brought Hayley to flute lessons with Katie. Mrs. O says she remembers both Matt and Hayley because they were such quiet and well-behaved children during flute lessons. She invited them over any time for cookies. When I told Matt about it later, he said, "Oh wow! I remember that she had the best cookies at her house and her husband had a cool model car collection and he gave me one!" Matt was about 4 or 5 at the time. Possibly even 3 when Katie started flute lessons.

So the concert went well and Mrs. O and I had a nice conversation. I enjoyed seeing her again. And Hayley's band played well.


Jen said…
Ha, I like your captions in the second picture. I would totally believe that that was the conversation based on Hayley's facial expression. Hayley is looking like such a lovely lady these days (would she cringe if I said that...LOL). Can I go over to the flute teacher's house for some cookies, too. Me love cookies!!!
Karie said…
Your tick fixation Cracks. Me. Up.
Jenni said…
I am SO relieved to know that the band concert was in a tick-free environment. Those out-door concerts can be a problem.

The captionning was right on. And Hayley responded so appropriately to the suggestion!! So funny.

Glad you had such a nice time at the concert.