Mike's missives

For Mike's letter feature, I'm going to post excerpts of a few letters. Jen, enjoy the insights into a younger Mike (late 80s, early 90s).

Sara--Hi How's collage [sic], sounds big, fun and easy to get lost in. Jr. High is so fun. I know so many new people. I'm on the wrestleing [sic] team and we even have cheerleaders...School's kind [of] tough though like pts and stuff assignment cards. It's all very proper.

Sara, Hola, que tal?
Tell me some college things. I can't stand this paper. It's very lame [he wrote a letter on stationary with Garfield jumping into a pile of flowers on it]. Mom bought Twinkies for us kids lunches. Weird.

Deer Sarah [Mike went through a phase of purposeful alternate spellings]
I got a cd player (don't tell mom). It's real cool and I got my thumbnail pierced. I showed it to J_____ V_____ A________ (flaming art teacher) [Mike's words, not mine. And he also wrote the teacher's full name which I am blotting out in the interest of privacy] and he said, "Hmmm I've never thought of that one." I almost died laughing. He recently got his nipples pierced you know.

Sara and Jim,
I learned how to make a new bomb, no shrapnel, very cheap and people like to buy them. They're made of cardboard and are 3-4 times as powerful as an M-80 (Don't tell mom) [he says that a lot in his letters]. I've been very good...I haven't been caught sneaking out or blowing stuff up yet. (don't tell mom) [I like that he considers himself "good" because he hasn't been caught]

And one more excerpt:

Sara, Jim, Katie,

I also got on the pep-fest committee. I wrote an application and they let me on cause they said I had good ideas. At the first pepfest me and 3 friends are gonna be called down for class competition. What will happen is they will call freshmen, sophomores and juniors down and make them dance to really stupid music (hula, ballet, etc) because it's a dance competition. Then they will call us down and we'll be wearing bell bottoms etc and we'll disco to "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees. And the judges will score us the highest.

I've been accumulating quite a store of disco gear. the other day I wore a red & white pair of checkered bell bottoms to school, and a friend of mine wore a plaid pair. The disco thing is catching on, people at school are going out to goodwills and ragstocks to find disco clothes. Everyday I play disco down in the weight room at school. The whole senior class is converted to disco. I'm so proud of them.

And then he signs off with a symbol drawing that he labeled "sign of the disco movement."

Happy Thursday to you. And if your birthday is today, I hope it's a good one!


Jen said…
He really hasn't changed, has he? He was and will always be about finding the most annoying fashion statements and trying to turn people on to them. And, the explosives, are we at all surprised that he now makes his own gun powder. I wonder if instead of saying "don't tell mom" when he's telling someone about his odd activities that he now says "don't tell Jen". I wouldn't be shocked.
To ease your mind, he has never once said to me "Don't tell Jen."
Jenni said…
Jen, your comment is so funny. I can see how he just graduated to the next level of pranks. Sara, thank you so much for posting those. They have been so hilarious to read. It is one thing to look back and tell about things. It is another thing all together, to read it from a teenager's perspective. That is why I have rescued my diaries from the trash numerous times, even though one of them contains the line, "I love being tan." How blessed we are that you kept these and moved them around the country with you!!

If you have any from Dave, maybe we can type them up and add them to The Book since he has never written his high school memoires.
Jenni said…
And I don't believe for a minute that mom bought them Twinkies for their lunches!!
Jessie said…
I liked your sign-off! Thank you!