I blogged too soon

Celly is not dead. Jim resuscitated it.

But now I don't trust celly anymore. It'll play dead now whenever it wants to just to frustrate me.

And the children continue to frustrate. Last night when I got home from another late shift sub job, Jim informed me that Paul had informed him that there was a band concert that night. Grrr. Not that I grrr at band concerts, but I do grrrrr at children who forget to tell me of things I want to attend. The rug of a relaxing evening was pulled out from under my tired feet. Actually, I had to go grocery shopping--that was my original plan--but that was scuttled. And now we need milk and I don't have time today to shop. I'm only blogging now because I have an interlude of a few minutes between work and another appointment.

Dinner tonight? Whatever Jim can scrounge up because I will be working AGAIN this afternoon (sixth school day afternoon/early evening in a row--the money is nice, but when do I go grocery shopping?) I keep saying tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.


Jen said…
Yay for Jim to be able to successfully perform his reviving duties on little Celly. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a broken cell and all the stress that comes with replacing it. Ugh!

Shame on Paul for springing the concert on you at the last minute. Can you blame him though? He's a teenaged BOY! I'm surprised he even told you at all. Mike still does that to me and tries to play it off like he told me ages ago and it was I who forgot. Whatever, Mike!

Doesn't Paul have access to driving now. Have him pick up a few things at the market for you.
Jenni said…
A cellphone resurrection. It is a miracle.

I am with you on the last minute events that eat up one's time for rest and relaxation and general taking care of business. We were to that point with cereal and I pointed out that we have TONS of Cream of Wheat and oats in mylar bags in the closet. NO ONE IS GOING TO STARVE!! If they were truly hungry, they'd eat it!!

Now I'm all worked up. It is always "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow" as Macbeth waxed nostalgic.
Jenni said…
And Jen, I always forget that Morgan can run and get stuff for me. When I remember, I am always happy. Another problem is that she can't always do it.
I wouldn't trust Paul with grocery shopping. He can't find stuff we have on shelves at home.