Deflationary view

On Monday, I went on a field trip for work. Guess where I went?

Can you tell from this picture?
How about this one?
Yep, we went to the deflated marshmallow of downtown Minneapolis. I didn't get a skyline picture of the Metrodome, but I'll tell you the building sure looks a lot smaller without its signature teflon roof.

The field trip did not include going into the seats; the pictures were taken through glass doors. We were there to rollerskate/rollerblade around on the cement floors of the hallway that circumnavigates the field. I didn't skate at all; I walked laps and helped injured children. And looked through the glass doors onto the field and took pictures with my cell phone. The doors to the field were all strapped shut. There is nothing that makes me want to go through a door more than having a lock on it.

On the way home, the bus driver and one of the other chaperones discussed the ultimate fate of the ripped roof. Will there be a permanent roof on the Metrodome, or will the new roof be inflatable?


TaterBean said…
Good times at that metrodome..."dome dogs."
Jen said…
Sounds like a fun field trip. Not only did the kids get a little history lesson, but then they got to do something fun. I would love to be able to roller skate around the metrodome.
Jenni said…
That looks like a fun trip to take. Oh, and you did roller skating too? I'd be more interested in the deflation, myself. How cool.