Argyle and flowers and grunge

In theory, girl children are fun, cute, pink, enamored of dressing up and looking glamorous, and full of squeals.

In reality, they try to wear this to church:which causes their mothers to do the squealing and not from seeing teen heartthrobs with their shirts off.

I must concede that there is a minute amount of pink on the dress.

I still made her change.


Jen said…
Oh, Hayley! You'll look back years from now and thank your mother for making you change and regret the times that she didn't. Trust me, I KNOW.

Annie has been appearing in some awful garb lately. She does still like pink though, but that's half the problem. Annie will pair a pink shirt with completely clashing pink pants and then wear black socks with her yet another shade of pink shoes. Sometimes I put my foot down, but some days I just don't have the fight in me. Is this how it starts? They break you down with sweet, pink things when they are young and then before you know it there is complete chaos in their outfits; you've already been relenting for so many years that you don't even realize there's anarchy going on?!?
Jenni said…
That is a battle I have fought and fought and won. Morgan was not one for looking nice. The words, "sweatshirts are not for church" have been uttered by my mouth MANY times. sigh. Keep fighting the battle. I seem to remember that we always wanted to look just ravishing - and we did!!