KING TeC returns home from Peoria

Matt's robotics team went down to Peoria for a district competition, made it to finals, lost in finals, but received the Chairman's award for being a model robotics team. Some of the robotics team member families decided to welcome home our little robot people with signs and balloons to celebrate the award and the qualification for World's competition in St. Louis in late April.

The gear leaning on the door is what their robot is designed to deal with: Pick up, load, and deliver.

Jim holding my spur of the moment sign.

I painted this one. Matt applauded my correct use of gears.

Matt and teammate unloading Sir Bedivere the bot.

Bagged, it is placed on the cart to take it back into the school.

Matt pushes a box of tools and supplies back into the school

2169 returns victories with their Chairman's award banner
It has taken me 4 years to understand how the competition system works (and there are parts I still don't understand), but Matt understands it, and can expound at length. He wore his two medals to school today (one for team finalist in the regional competition, and one for Chairman's award). I could tell he wore them because I heard them clinking as he walked in the door.

At some point I'll get an actual photo of the robot, Sir Bedivere. Jim and I are planning on going to the competition in Minneapolis at the U in early April. I'll be able to see the robot in action.