I am losing weight. Thanks to a diabetes diagnosis, I have had to ditch eating sugar (well, not completely. I had half a cookie this morning as part of my breakfast. But that's way better than my previous habit of like 6 cookies before lunch) and excess carbs. I'm not a very careful measurer; so far I've gotten by on eyeballing it and just generally going for smaller portions. Also daily exercise. DAILY. Sometimes, twice daily walks.

I'm no longer addicted to the flavored carbonated water I used to NEEEEEED. I haven't had pop in months. All I drink is water.

And I've lost 20 lbs in three months. I haven't been this weight since 2008.

I'm going to treat myself to a modest shopping spree at Lush.

Then I set other rewards for future goal achievement. If I lose 30 lbs, I get an expensive cupcake from HyVee. Yes it's sugar, but I'll eat little bites over the course of the whole day so I don't spike my BS too bad. And I will ENJOY it.

If I lose 40 lbs, I'll need a new pair of pants.

If I lose 50...well...I'm not sure. I'll be shocked for sure. That's still many months out there. Plenty of time to think about it. Maybe a large shopping spree at the fabric store. I'll need much less fabric than I used to, though so that will be nice.

If I were to get down to my "ideal weight" I would have to lose in excess of 100 lbs. Seems like a lot, and it is, but maybe I can do it. I've got a long hard slog ahead of me.

For now, the Lush spree is good. I took this afternoon off work and I'm going to the Mollica Merica ALL BY MYSELF to shop. I am giddy!


TaterBean said…
Yes! This is exciting...and this motivates me. I've been stuck on an almost 3 year plateau in regards to my weight-loss. With the program I'm doing I just barely made it out of the "obese" category. I should do reward goals, too.