This isn't a post about Hayley's wedding. I haven't posted about that because I took very few pictures during the wedding week.

Now that I think about it, there is a short series of pictures I took that I will post.

So I guess this is a little bit about that wedding. Or the couple at least.
I found another one I wanted to post, but it isn't part of the aforementioned series. This is a gift from Cindy, and it has a backstory, and since Granddaddy has passed away, it is a precious story. Cindy said that she and Jim (my Jim's dad) had the same sayings on their pillowcases and they said "I love you" every night before they went to sleep. I hope Hayley kept the card. 

The series. Part one, the couple on the night before they got married

Part two: poking. 

Part three: more poking.
Neither of them wanted pictures, but I made them stand there and submit to my will. They will thank me someday. Or even if they don't, I'm glad I took even a bad picture.

Now on to what I was going to say originally. Recovery. We had pretty much 4 days of wedding prep and festivities and ceremonies. It has worn me down. But I am slowly recovering. Jim and I relished a free-from-wedding-prep evening last week by going downtown to see the renovated sculpture garden. I am not an art appreciator by any means but it was fun to contemplate my reactions to various pieces on show.

Spoonbridge and Cherry, one of MN's most famous sculptures. 

Guess what?

I like the idea of a vanishing point created by this beam

No clanger. Viewers were encouraged to think about the various bells they have heard throughout their lives and what those bells mean to them. 

A tree full of chimes. It could barely be heard over the noise of the Basilica Block party not even half a mile away.

This was cool. I LOVE dystopian/post apocalyptic literature and this was suggestive of that, even though I know that wasn't the intention of the sculptor. 

There were two entrances, this being one of them. Inside was a statue of a saint inside. It's supposed to be a chapel. I felt like I was stumbling on a mysterious edifice with hidden meaning and I had to figure out what it was. 

Blue Rooster at sunset

Not a sculpture in itself, but I liked the shape

Walkway to Spoonbridge, making it look really important

I'd like this in my yard. 


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