In which part 2 is posted before part 1

I have been told wedding pictures will be available by the end of July. I'm excited to get them! I don't regret not taking pictures during all the wedding festivities, but sometimes I get impatient! But I do not want to rush the photog. She will come through and a month is not unreasonable. So part 1 of Hayley and Austin's wedding festivities will wait.

Part 2 is the open house in Ohio. I did take a few pictures.

And the trip wasn't just an open house; we drove Austin's truck to Ohio. He left it up here when he and Hayley flew to New York for their honeymoon. We packed it with some furniture, a TV and a lot of Hayley's stuff and drove it all down. That meant Jim and I did not ride together. That meant I drove all the way in the van. Matt went in the van with me (to Indiana to attend a robotics meet). He was a decent passenger except when he argued, and then he was really fun. Our arguments are fake arguments, I enjoy hearing him use his own personal logic to be purposely irritating. He's a good arguer. I'm not but I have fun needling him.

Friday we arrived in Pickerington Ohio. It's a nice suburb (of Columbus), very green. They'd had some flooding a few days before and we saw a few places with standing water. Friday night we ate dinner at Austin's parents' house. It was good to get to know them a little better.

Saturday morning, Jim and I went over to the church to help set up.

pink and gray balloons. That's a lot of my air

immediately recognizable as an LDS church building cultural hall. Very handy for celebrations.

table decor

the bride wears orange

...and looks excited

the cute couple

Also the happy couple


I loved her train. It was not designed for easy ambulation, but she sure looked pretty
I met a woman who lived in Minnesota for a few years and new many LDS families that I knew from my youth. That was a fun conversation! She was Austin's seminary teacher for a couple of years. We heard many exclamations of Austin's goodness and we are sure that Hayley found a great husband!

On Sunday morning, we drove back to Indiana to get Matt, then drove home. It was a short trip, and we would have liked to spend more time with Austin's family. They all seem like such nice people.


TaterBean said…
Wish I could have joined in on the Ohio fun! Awesome! Looking forward to the wedding pictures too!