And then there was cake

Cake. It was my week.

I baked two cakes and many cupcakes. It ended up being about 1 1/2 cakes too many, but having leftover cake is certainly not a BAD thing. It's not like having leftover okra or leftover roadkill souffle.

Anyway, yes, I like to make cakes and decorate them. It may even be a hobby. Or at least a time waster when I have more important things that I really should be doing but don't want to do. I don't decorate my house, but if there is a flour/egg/sugar baked good, you can be sure I'll be right there with my homemade buttercream frosting, Wilton decorating tips and pastry bags, and the appropriate colors of Wilton food coloring paste to fit the occasion, and I will decorate the heck out of that baked good.

This was one of the results of my efforts this week:
The cross country running cake
Normally I hate the word "Congrats," but I had to use it because I started the word "Congratulations" too far to the right. So I had to bite my tongue at myself and settle for "Congrats." Fortunately "Congrats" tastes the same as "Congratulations."

Now for the other cake, which I will bore you with a step by step process:
Nearly nude cake

the track oval has been added

lines painted on the asphalt

the logo painted onto the field

cake tattoos

one tattoo placed on the track

the second tattoo and the grass infield filled in

the nearly completed track oval cake.
The only thing missing is Paul running on it.


 I had a helper for cupcake decorating (and for the CC running cake):

Kate came to town and went to town on the cupcakes

a blue-tongued skink

Guess what she did with the frosting besides decorate? I like the look on Jim's face. I wish I could come up with a really funny thought bubble to paste next to his head.


Dennis said…
I loved your cakes. You have a gift for decorating cakes. I was really amazed at the "grass". I have never tasted better grass (I noticed there were no ticks). Was the track grape flavored?
Jenni said…
Jim is saying, "I thought she was an adult now." The cakes were great and the party was greater!! Now for the race to get packed and on the road!
Dennis said…
I forgot to say I dislike "congrats" also.
Jen said…
The cakes were spectacular! You definitely have a talent for cake decoration. I loved the Paul cutouts. I just feel sorry for you for having to cut with such detail, no fun. The party was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we were able to attend. I hope you didn't get stressed too much, but you seemed to be taking it all in stride. Signs of a fabulous hostess.

BTW, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats. I hate saying the other word (and spelling it even less) cuz its way too long. So I'm bombarding you with lots of congrats.