Last day of seminary

And another year of seminary is finished. Paul is done with early morning seminary, and Hayley has finished her first year.

I did something I don't usually like to do, which is give out rewards for achievement. I made one slip of the tongue, promising whoever memorized all 25 scripture mastery verses would get a pair of "ugly pants" (mismatched pajama pants). I made good on my hasty promise though.

The promise came about when Katie was here for Christmas and she wanted to make pj pants but didn't have enough of either kind of fabric she liked to make a pair of pants. I suggested she make a leg out of each kind of fabric. She liked the idea, and so did Paul, who had to find something to give as a white elephant gift the next day in seminary. He ended up sewing a lovely pair of capri pants out of Star Wars villains on one leg and Disney Princess heads on another. The girl who ended up with the capri pants LOVED them and several others in the class coveted them.

My bleeding communist heart thought to itself "Ugly pajama pants for everyone!" and then my tight-fisted capitalist brain said, "only for those who EARN them."

Anyway, I made the promise and five kids took me up on it, including two of my own children.

I suggested to the ugly pants earners that they wear their ugly pants to seminary this morning (guess who forgot---Paul) so I could be in a picture with them.

Behold--the ugly pants club!

Hayley's pants feature multicolored Beatles heads and fortune cookies, Dorothy has Wizard of Oz heads and Tweety bird, Janelle has chinese lanterns and telephones, Paul's (who isn't wearing his) features something Beatles-ish too (whose children are these?) and knights with armor and swords, and Nathan's have fish skeletons and planets.Congratulations scriptorians!

Matt can't wait to go to seminary so he can earn ugly pants too.

And one more pic from the last day of seminary:
good buddies


Stephanie said…
A year of seminary is a great accomplishment, especially for the teacher!! Congrats to all of you.
Jen said…
Way to go to the Ugly Pants Gang! I'm sure you're having mixed feeling about summer break. You'll get to now sleep in a bit, but then I'm sure you'll miss those kids. I'm kind of sad that my girls won't get to experience seminary like that. There aren't enough kids to do a class like, and even if there were most of the kids are pretty spread out by miles. So we will probably have to do a home study seminary with the girls. I guess the one girl in our branch does that does is REALLY does not like doing it this way. Hrmph!