I gave up

Back in Feb when I had just sent EJ off to get some Spanish learnin' for to prepare him to live in Tijuana for 2 years, we were also dealing with Paul's last few months in high school and in the Scouting program. We wanted Paul to get his Eagle rank, but after two years of lackluster nagging on our part, and a few project ideas on Paul's part, nothing had happened yet. I decided that I would leave off the nagging (because it is quite tiring and it makes me angry) about the Eagle project until Paul graduated.

And then we got the letter of acceptance from BYU Provo, which said he was to report to school June 15, a week after he graduated.

I gave up. I said, "Fine. I'm ok with him not achieving Eagle rank. He's done well in sports, he's been a leader, he's a good kid, blahblahblahblah... rationalize... make excuses..." and let it go.

His Scout leader did not let him off so easily.

Br G pestered and reminded and met with Paul...

And last night, Paul led an Eagle project. He organized a blanket drive for Project Linus. Yes, he did a lot of it from Utah too, although the approval was given while he was still in MN (but I did not pay much attention because I was too busy doing other things).

His goal was to collect material for 60 fleece blankets (although he thought realistically 40), then some volunteers would cut a fringe around the edge of each piece of material, and then a big group of teenagers from church would tie the fringe.

He would organize a smaller group in Utah and work on it the same time the MN group worked on it.

And we got 78 blankets done last night. And four more pieces were offered, so that brings the total to 84. Twice as many as his realistic expectation.

Now Paul has to do the write-up. 

Some pictures:
5 completed

Matt ties an owl blanket

Hayley and some friends tying blankets
the goal is met!
piles of blankets
And a couple from the Utah side of the project:

Paul and some helpers with some of the blankets they made
I gave up, but it was ok. It's not supposed to be my Eagle project.


Jen said…
Well done, Paul! SP, you can't feel bad. You can only do so much, and it's not like you had a zillion other things going on, too. Thank goodness Paul had enough motivation to get it done. He won't regret it. Mike was kind of "forced" to finish his, too, and I know he's so grateful to the people who drove him to it. Being an Eagle Scout has helped Mike get into dental school, get his Navy dental scholarship, and I'm sure there are areas where it probably didn't hurt him.

Again, congrats, Paul!
Jenni said…
I love that Paul wore his scout shirt for the project!! Even with just a few friends! Very impressed with the goal being met AND exceeded. Congrats all around.
Jake and Steph said…
I don't know what you were worried about. Eagle Scout achievement procrastination should be another merit badge. It should be awarded based on how close to one's 18th birthday the scout drags it out, makes the mother fret, but yet still meets the requirement. One should be awarded even higher ranks if done with aloofness. Maybe a Super Eagle Scout or Platinum Eagle Scout. Because really, if you finish off the Eagle Award too early, what's left? One should want to get as much as possible out of scouting. But I wouldn't know now would I? For those that don't know, I finished my Eagle requirements at 10 pm the night before I turned 18. Mom couldn't decide if she was happy or mad. I'll say she was happy. Congratulations Paul and to all those that helped you get there along the way. Jake
Dennis said…
Jake did it for me but if he had not mentioned his own procrastination I would have. Maybe it's a family trait. I procrastinated to long and never finished. I was one merit badge short of my Eagle (in those days there was no project to be done, just a required number of merit badges).
I remember helping Jake paint the warming house for his project.
Dennis said…
Congratulations Paul. A good cause and a great accomplishment.
Mike said…
Great job Paul. Good to see the pictures too. It's funny that only at BYU would all the guys understand or be cool with someone wearing their scout shirt. Try that any other college campus.