There and back again

Paul is now gone. He's in his own apartment with three other guys. His cupboards are stocked with hand-me-down pots and pans, silverware, and plates. He has a new cheese grater to call his very own. He has college books and some obstacles to meet and clear (getting a job, and proving he has health insurance) on his own.

On our way out to Provo, we stopped at Mt Rushmore. It's one of my favorite places in one of my favorite areas (the Black Hills). The last time Paul was at Mt Rushmore (which was about 10 years ago), it was fogged in, but this time, the clouds were kind enough to stay up in the sky and let Paul see the Presidents in stone.

Paul didn't say much the entire ride out to UT, and we aren't sure if his reticence was nerves or just Paul being Paul-with-his-parents. Mostly he slept. I don't get how he can sleep so much.

Most of the time while we were in Provo, Paul was at orientation activities. They were scheduled from 8:30 to 5 both days and some optional evening activities available for good measure. He wanted to attend everything, but did allow time for us to help him move into his new apartment, buy groceries, and to have dinner with us one night. Moving a teenager into an apartment is not that hard. We just plopped his suitcases into the room he picked and that was it. He said later at dinner that night that it was hard to be at dinner knowing that he had stuff to put away in his apartment. Oh Paul!

We hung out with Katie while Paul was at his orientation. She showed us her apartment--they have vinyl circles on the wall in their kitchen--and her school--UVU, which has super duper wide hallways and lots of the buildings are connected to each other. We met her boyfriend and his family, all of them very nice and funny.

I did take pictures of some of the activities, but since we got back last night, I haven't uploaded them.

So this will have to do for now.


Jen said…
Can't believe Paul is officially a college student and is one his own. The best of luck to him! I'm sure Katie was so excited to have you guys close to her turf, too. So things must be pretty serious with Mr. Boyfriend if all the parents have now met.

Glad you made it back safely and that you were able to at least some part of SD on your trip:)
Jake and Steph said…
Mr. & Mrs. Evans, you have led Paul well. I look forward to hearing about his expereinces in Utah. It was fun to be at his grad party and see Katie and Morgan whom I haven't seen (in person) in quite a while. What's it gonna be like with just 4 people in the Evans' home? Might need to start thinking about a dog or several more cats.