Almost time to wait

Paul finished his application to serve a mission today! The last thing he needs is an interview with the Stake President, which he hopes to do tomorrow.

And then the wait for the letter will begin.

His friend Tommy just got his mission call. His wait was nearly a month from submission to letter in hand. I wonder if Paul will have to wait that long. EJ waited about 2 weeks.

Let the guessing begin! Where do you think Paul will go? Stateside or foreign?


TaterBean said…
Probably stateside...I think it would be cool if he went to southern California like San Diego, near Jimmy. But if he goes foreign I would guess Canada or mainland Europe somewhere.
Jenni said…
I could see him going to Georgia...or Italy.
Jake Hawley said…
I say somewhere in Europe
Jen said…
I'm not even going to venture a guess because I never come close. Paul must be so excited
Jen said… wouldn't let me type anymore, but all I was going to say was that we enjoyed his visit here and good luck to him while he waits.