The Bassoonist of Oz

(Alternately titled "If I Only Had a Bassoon")

Hayley participated in another band concert last Monday and I've been told by a certain husband that I should post a certain video I took of a certain daughter playing a solo in a certain medley from a certain movie "The Wizard of Oz," in the interest of showing it to a certain mother-in-law. 

And that I should stop typing "a certain."

I can't post the video directly on the blog because it's too long, but I uploaded it to my dropbox account, which allows me to share a link to it with you and the certain mother-in-law.

This is the link to that video.

Here is a picture of Hayley during the concert for those of you who don't like pictures to move:
Yes those are, in fact, skulls on her knees. Skulls with heart-shaped eye sockets.


Jen said…
Durn...the video won't play on my iPad. Hayley does look chic though in her heart-eyed skull tights though.
Dennis said…
AWESOME!!! That is one cool instrument and a very cool basoonist.