There is no way I can catch up with all that's happened in the last few weeks

So I'll have to encapsulate in a Ten Things format. It's the only way I can organize my thoughts.

Ten Things that threatened to blow up my brain while also making me happy:
1. I turned 45. Mind blowing, but happy too. I lived to see another year and what a year it was. And barring any major changes (such as my demise), I will live to see another year.
2. Paul came home from college. He is applying for jobs and a mission. Dental exam yielded a few cavities that need repair, and Uncle Dentist has a few buildings that need repair so a trade might be enacted between the two needy people.
3. Christmas. Little tiny Legos, regular-sized Legos, headphones, photo books, a suit, a wool coat, chocolate, books, gift cards, and other goodies made their way into the house and into the possession of three good little children in our household.
4. THE PHONE CALL, or should I say the Skype call? We got to chat with our Elder Evans for a 1 1/2 hours. He showed off his Spanish skill (girls want boyfriends who have great skills) and gave Paul some advice regarding mission prep. We miss that kid but our missing him pales in comparison with the appreciation for him being willing and able to serve a mission. I would not want him here with us when he is doing what the Lord wants him to do. He loves what he is doing and when I mentioned that every picture he sends of himself he is smiling, he says, "I just like to smile."
5. The Minnesota open house for Katie and Christian was quite a bit of work, but it all came together and we had a good time. I hope that whoever came had a good time as well. We still have leftover cake. Want some?
6. Katie and Christian had a fun vacation with us I think. I wasn't here for half of it, and for the half I was here for, we were at the church setting up for the reception.
7. Christian and Katie made lunch for us on Sunday after church. I am so pleased to have a son-in-law who doesn't mind working in the kitchen. That is such a plus in a husband!
8. On a sad note, my grandfather passed away on Christmas day. I will miss you, Grandpa Hawley, but I look forward to the day when I can see you again.
9. I went to the funeral for Grandpa Hawley on New Year's Eve. I saw many cousins, hugged my Grandma, enjoyed the California winter sunshine and managed to not kill myself driving a rental in an unfamiliar place.
10. Spent New Year's Day visiting Jessie, Bon, and James. I had thought that Mesa was several hours away from Phoenix, but I was proved wrong. Jessie had time for me and we had lunch together, went window shopping (we saw some very cute puppies and witnessed James chuck a Lego from an upper level down onto a bookshelf on the floor below. It reminded me of when Katie chucked a rock through the stairs at an apartment in Oregon and the rock hit the apartment manager on the head and we wound up looking for a new place to live). Bon, it was nice to see you again! Jessie, thanks for lunch! Grimauldi's (was that what it was called?) has very tasty food!

Random pictures:
Pinata time

How did Paul end up having to hold it?

Elder Evans on Skype
Me and my Grandma Hawley. Doesn't she look good for a 93 year old?

Putting flowers on Grandpa's casket
Katie and Christian welcoming guests

I am so hungry that I'm about to eat Brenda's food

The cake

My new son and my old daughter

They finally got to sit down

It is a universal truth that kids love to play under a table that has a tablecloth on it.

Jessie, I should have had Bon take a picture of us while I was out there! Missed opportunity, darnit.


Jessie said…
Boy, I can't imagine what 2013 will have to do to top even the last month of 2012 for you!

I loved starting my year off with a visit from you (and Grimaldi's pizza)! Please schedule more layovers through Phoenix! James and I went to Barnes & Noble today, but I kept us clear of the Lego table...
TaterBean said…
Is there any way I can get pics of the MN reception? Those ones you posted look really nice. And, Christian and I had a super great time in MN!! Next time maybe it won't be so cold...
Jenni said…
I want to leave a comment for all 10 points!! But the reception looked super-nice. I'm glad you got to go to California. And that you got to go see Jessie, Bon, and James. And Katie shouldn't complain about the cold. There are worse things in life than being cold. Like being hot and sweaty.
Jen said…
A busy month indeed. I'm glad you survived it all. Did you end up with any good AFV clips after that pinata? Those are always Mike's favorites.