The Miserables=the readers

I have come to realize that even though I keep reading Les Miserables, I will NEVER finish! It's like that non-real-world math problem of the person trying to get across the room by taking steps that are half as long as the step he previously took and technically would never reach the other side of the room, only approaching infinitely close to the opposite side.

(Read this next part to the Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop theme, "This is the Song That Never Ends)
This is the book that never ends,
it just goes on and on my friends.
V Hugo starting writing it, not knowing what it was,
And he'll continue adding words

Really, book. Stop already!

Everyone is falling over themselves crowing about how wonderful the movie is. I've seen the musical once a while ago and boy, did the musical people cut a lot out of the book stuff out and rearranged and condensed the story. BIG TIME. Maybe if Victor had envisioned the musical first, he would have saved himself many hours of writing and philosophizing and educating (about slang, about the Parisian sewers, about nunneries, about Waterloo, about I-can't-remember-what-else-because-I-skipped-over-it-the-second-I-realized-that-no-action-was-going-to-take-place) and just concentrated the story parts, which are just fine and would be totally readable and pleasant on their own, he probably would have had more time to enjoy life. Maybe go on several picnics, have the in-laws over for baguettes and wine (did he have in-laws?), or maybe even learn to paint.

My appreciation of classic literature such as this is in real danger of being overshadowed with irritation regarding length and the non-essentialness of 75% of the chapters in this book.

Mother, I'm totally going to take your advice and read something else before I pick up Hunchback of Notre Dame. I think I'll read several something elses. Maybe an infinity of something elses.


Jenni said…
I read it. It was a trial of my ADD. Herman Melville is another one who liked to use words (they are free). I wonder why they used so many, though, when publishing was so much work. And expensive.

See the movie. I cried the whole way through. I'm a big boob.
Jake Hawley said…
Tell Jim I have the latest Vince Flynn book. It's good. Took a couple of days. I didn't cry. Never read Les Mis. I've thought about it but never amassed the gumption. Enjoy the snow today.
Dennis said…
Haven't read it, haven't seen the movie, don't intend to.
Your problem about crossing the room is similar to my question of several years ago: If you were to drive to a destination 60 miles away and started going 60 mph and reduced your speed by 1 mph for each mile, would you ever reach your destination?
Jen said…
You know me and musicals, so I won't be seeing the movie, play, book, or anything related to Les Mis...haha. Have getting through that beast.
I just started reading it, too. Reading it on a Kindle is hard because you feel like it is tricking you about how much you've read and how much is left. You don't feel that kind of deceit with a real book in hand. I had a similar reading experience with The Count of Monte Cristo. I seriously thought it might never end either.