Sometimes I forget how nice it is to leave the house and go on little excursions. It is really hard to leave the house sometimes when I'm not working. I get stuck in a rut and think that I have to do "this" or "that" first before I leave and then if I finish "this" and "that" then I'm too tired to go anywhere.

But somehow today, Jim and I left the house. 50% of the children we coerced into going with us didn't really want to go, but in the end, the child was pleasant and didn't fuss too much. It helped that we promised ice cream.

We went to a little gem of a park in Minneapolis--Minnehaha Falls. With all the rain, it is greener than I have ever seen it into late June, and the creek was running at high capacity.

Minnehaha Creek

I've never seen it this full. I've been here a couple times, both during drought years when there has been but a trickle and a stinky smell. Not this year--it was lovely and refreshing.

A pretty smile from Hayley

And a handsome Jimmy-like smile from Matt

One always has to make a face

It's either one or the other. Sigh

The falls from the lower bridge

Hayley and Matt are standing on the rock. See what their poses are?

Hayley has to read a book for AP English over the summer called The Color of Water, and she remarked, "The color of water is apparently brown."
After walking around the falls, and going up a totally unreasonable stone staircase (I nearly figuratively died), we went for blizzards at a nearby DQ, except for Matt who got the DQ equivalent of a Slushie. Good times. Remind me to leave the house more often, even if it means missing important work phone calls (which I made up for later).


Jen said…
'Tis so pleasant and picturesque there. Glad you dragged the kids and got them to smile a little. We had quite the storm blow through our little part of the world today. I saw two semis turned over on the highway, Mike thinks our garden may be ruined from the heavy winds, hail, and rain, a window broke, and our power was out for about 4 hours.
Jake Hawley said…
That is a good park to attend. I haven't been there in many moons (muchas lunas) ;). Good pics and I think the AP instructor will be looking for a wee bit more than "the color or the water is brown." Just thought I'd help. :)
Dennis said…
I have lived in MN for over 35 yrs and I have never been to the falls. That's pathetic and I shall remedy that soon (as soon as Sharon gets back from AZ).
Jenni said…
That is a nice park!! I hear about people canoeing down Minnehaha and it looks like it would be a rather rough ride at this point. From the pictures, I can't even tell which child had to be forced. Rozzie saw everyone's pictures on Fb and wondered why everyone one went there. Dave's family took an excursion there also, the same day as you. Or at least their pictures were posted that day.
Mike said…
What!? You missed important work calls!?
Yes on my supposed day off. I retract what I said. I will now not leave the house again on Fridays when you aren't in the office.