One last post for June 2013 before we head off into July

I added another blog to the Shoebox family of blogs: Elder Paul's New Groove. Guess what it's about? I've added it to my blogroll over there on the right. We'll start that blog up in earnest when we get our first email from Paul, probably late July.

I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Paul will be leaving in less than 3 weeks. Any last words for him? Food to avoid in Peru? We actually heard some advice from someone we met last Friday at the temple: stay away from "cuy." And then the guy added, "although if you do try it, it's pretty good." Cuy is guinea pig. I wonder if Paul will be offered cuy? More likely he will be offered multitudinous seafood dishes, most likely cerviche.

Switching topics: Sewing.

I don't know why I don't sew more often. I really do enjoy it. And I get something usable out of it. I recently sewed a very easy skirt pattern with a stretchy knit fabric. I'm sewing a knit top currently, and also helping Hayley sew a vest for her steampunk outfit.

I'll have to take pictures. But for now you can use your imagination if you want to know what the skirt, shirt, and vest look like.

And if I don't blog before Thursday, have a happy, relaxing Fourth of July.


Jen said…
So exciting how close it is for Paul to officially head off to Peru. The girls are super excited to have him stay with us one last time before he ventures to another world.

Yes, you absolutely must post pictures of your new, handmade skirt. I actually got some sewing done this past week. Sadly, none of the items I've sewn are for me. I really need to start something for myself.
Jake and Steph said…
Around Christmas-time in Peru, a popular bread, Pannettone, is served. I've seen it in stores here around the holidays, but I'm sure the home made traditional stuff is way less crappy. I've had the good kind and it's quite good. I believe it originated in Europe, but you know how that works. Other than that, I think potatoes might be quite popular including Peruvian Purples. Don't know anything about Cuy. But if you're there, Paul, I vote you give it a shot.