Legging it

The power was out for 24 hours over the weekend. I counted us lucky though--if Jim hadn't been so obsessed with the sump pump, we probably would have flooded and not had a generator to keep us from losing the food in the fridge and freezer.

Within seconds of the loss of power, Jim was downstairs hovering over the sump pump. Within a few minutes, he was bailing water out of it. We scrambled to help, but it ended up being mostly a Jim/Paul effort. After an hour, I was dispatched to the hardware store in search of a generator. But alas, I came away empty handed.

We managed to find someone who had one and we borrowed it. Joe M came with two missionaries to help him lift it out of his van. They got it all hooked up and Paul could stop bailing (Jim had emerged from the sump pump to help Joe). The generator powered the fridge, the sump pump, a lamp, a fan, and any phone chargers we wanted to use. We're going to have to invest in one. They are totally rad.

Saturday, the power was still out, but Paul had a race to run--the Dan Patch 5k. The place where the race began was out of power, as well as the place where it finished. But they had a battery operated time keeper and so the race was run.

Paul came in 5th.

Notice there is no knee sleeve. He was adamant about running without it in this race. He doesn't think he is completely healed from his knee surgery, but dangit, if he can run a 5k, I think he's pretty close.

This is the last race before Peru.

He is done with work this Thursday.


Jenni said…
If I had a sump pump, I wouldn't know what to do. You are lucky that Jim is knowledgeable about sump pumps. And I'm glad you had a fan.

Congrats to Paul on his final run. He has recovered quite well from his surgery. It is good he can run, just in case there are any critters he needs to run from in Peru!!
Jake and Steph said…
I think BYU and the mission are in kahoots (sp?) Let's see, good runner going on a mission. If we send him to high altitudes, he'll be even runnier than when he left. It's all about sports isn't it? ;) DOn't know if that angled had yet to be explored. That's what I'm here for.
Jen said…
Way to go, Paul. He has worked hard to heal, and it's great to see that he can do what he loves again. I wonder if he'll be able to run like that in Peru. I'm guessing he's pass out after a few seconds...lol.

I'm so sorry that we sent you our awful storm. Thank goodness no major damage happened. We had to get a new sump pump, too.