First stamp in my passport

Now that no one reads this blog anymore, I can safely share all my vacation photos without making people jealous/mad/irritated.

Thanks to my work, I spent the first week of February on the Caribbean island of St Maarten/St Martin. Thanks to my boss/little brother and his wife for making it possible for me to go and for being ok with me dragging Jim along.

I will do this a little at a time, maybe one day at a time or one event at a time, with no guarantees that I will finish. At least I'm starting it.

We arrived late Saturday night; the island was dark and we couldn't see our surroundings, except for the neon lights of some shady places that stay open past 10 on Sunday nights. Those neon lights were pretty close to the runway too. I thought, "In the US, they would never let anyone build anything so close to the runway." During the whole week, I spent a lot of time thinking, "They wouldn't allow that in the US," but not always as a criticism.

We got our passports stamped by irritated-looking customs employees. Sorry ladies, but your lack of enthusiasm wasn't going to dampen my delight!

Jim and I rented a separate car so there were two cars following the agent who was showing us to our accommodations. When she saw that we had two cars, she said, "I don't know if they will both fit in the driveway. It's pretty small." I wondered at that since I have never seen a driveway too small for two vehicles. She led us through narrow town streets, and we had no idea where we were going. And then the road started to go UP. I don't believe the road crews down there ever heard of a switchback. Straight up, and then with curves. It was almost frightening. I had to close my eyes a few times. Thankfully, I wasn't driving. We finally made it to the villa (which was located on the Dutch side, but only just). And the driveway was very small, but we managed to fit both cars in. It was kind of like playing Tetris.

We went to bed soon after because it was a long traveling day (we left MSP at 5:45 a.m.--the flight took off then! We had been there since 3:30 a.m.).

In the morning, we woke up to a view of the ocean!

Yes, our villa had a pool. A very tiny pool. And Jim and I actually went in it. Mike did too the first night I think.

The island on the horizon is St Barthelemy.
I took a lot of pictures of this view over the week. It never ceased to enthrall me!
OK that's enough for now.


Jessie said…
I'm here, so you still have at least one reader!

This place looks amazing!!
Jessie said…
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Jen said…
I'm still here. I'm hesitant to comment on blogs these days because it reminds me that I've pretty much given up on my own 😢. The pictures are gorgeous and I'm so glad you guys came with us. We had such a wonderful time that I'm trying to convince mike to open up a satellite office there. Do you think I can do it?