Maho Beach and airplanes

Where was I? Sadly not in St Maarten anymore. But I will continue the series of posts about my vacation since I want to remember it always. And the kids have found their valentine treats so I don't have to keep the pictures up on top of the blog. I have two more years of treasure hunts. I do it strictly for my own enjoyment; Matt probably wouldn't care if I stopped. Hayley enjoyed it, I think.

Back to St Maarten, which I wish I could go back to.

After we got up, Mike and Jen headed off to their scuba appointment so Jim and I decided to go for a drive around the island to see what it was like. We stopped at a roadside trailer for lunch. They were barbecuing and it looked good. Turns out it tasted good too. Lots of French spoken. I caught a lot of "cherie" this and "cherie" that. People like each other on the island.

We drove around the whole island. It doesn't take too long, but there is a lot of traffic on those tiny roads.

We finally stopped at Maho Beach, which was on my list of things to do. Jim and I had seen a list of most interesting beaches in the world, and this one was on it because of the airplanes. We didn't get to see it when we landed because it was dark.

It was great fun to watch the planes land so close to the beach. There is no way the US would ever let anyone play around on a beach so close to a runway so we felt like we were getting away with something. The big jets do come in low and it gets loud. When the big jets take off, everyone gets blasted with the wind. Lots of people lost their hats. I had to brace myself in the sand to avoid being knocked over, and I wasn't even standing in the the "blast zone." It was so cool!  I have a video of a plane landing, but I think it's on the external drive, which is downstairs and I'm too lazy to go get it. So you'll have to make do with pictures for now.

Now that I looked closer at the pictures, this isn't Maho. Maho did not have all those rocks on the beach. This is Friar's Bay, which we visited on Monday. That small dot in the ocean is me. This is before I almost drowned. I'll tell that brief story when I get to the Friar's Beach portion of my narrative.

This selfie was necessary; I have to prove that I was actually there.


Jen said…
I wish we would have gone there, but your pictures will just have to do. The blue sky and turquoise water makes me want to cry because I miss it already.