The restaurant at the middle of the alley

Panoramic photo of Nettle Beach. Such relax........

Happy selfie...waiting for more French food

Sunset view from the restaurant in Grand Case

Happy Jim

our table was right up against the railing, which was right on the sand, not 15 feet from the ocean

panoramic pic of sunset

dessert, a profiterole  SO DELICIOUS

moonlight on the deck of the villa

I thought I would start off with pictures. We spent Wednesday walking around Phillipsburg. I'll have more picrures of Phillipsburg later because we went back on Friday. The big deal of this day was the dinner in Grand Case. Our guide book says that Grand Case is the culinary capital of the Caribbean. For such a dinky little town that is difficult to get into (seriously we took wrong turns several times), the title is well-deserved. The only issue we had was that at the time we wanted to eat, most of the restaurants were closed. I swear we are old people. We were looking around for places to eat along the alleyway that serves as the main road through the heart of Grand Case around 5 but most of them didn't open until 6:30. We finally found an open restaurant, actually the guy found us and lured us in with promises of jumbo shrimp. The minute he said shrimp, I was practically sitting down. The food was heavenly. I had a risotto that I wish went on forever. And the scallops and shrimp were perfect. Jim had ribs. For dessert, we shared a profiterole.
The restaurant itself was a lovely little place with a host who was happy to have us there. The server was funny too--Jim reached over to the water bottle to pour himself another glass and she rushed over and said, "Step away from the water!" She was so eager to be of service. I felt like we should have been celebrating a major anniversary with the view, the food and the service.


Jen said…
I wish we would have spent more time in Grand Case especially during the day. Your restaurant view was gorgeous. The one we went to was in the middle of the drag. The meal was unforgettable though!