After Friar's Bay, and going back to the villa for a shower, we contemplated where to eat. Jim and I had seen a creperie in Oyster Bay and I had a keen interest in trying it out. Mike and Jen agreed to go along. At first, Mike wasn't so sure about it, because he wanted pizza. Fortunately, the BZH had pizza on the menu.

I have no idea what BZH stands for and I wish I'd asked. We'd also had a grocery store clerk tell us that she worked at BZH in the evening and we should go there to eat. So when we showed up, there she was and she remembered us. She saw us and said in her awesome French accent, "You came!"

I ordered a savory crepe with creme fraiche, ham, avocado, and a sunny side up egg in it. I think we all enjoyed our food, except for Jen, who ordered a different kind of savory crepe that had a kind of sausage on it that smelled and tasted like a barn. The server said it was a French taste and probably an acquired taste at that. I tried it and it was indeed yucky.

I'm glad for Jen's sake that we got dessert too, so the trip wasn't entirely a downer for her. I ordered an apple cinnamon crepe and Jim got a caramel one. I loved my apple one, but when I tried Jim's caramel one, I had to physically restrain myself from taking it from him and eating the rest myself. It was heavenly. All week, I had thoughts of that crepe in my head. If I ever go to St Maarten again, I will go to the BZH and eat caramel crepes every night.

I have to post all the pictures of the two of us together that I can.

The BZH restaurant kitty

The luminescent mushroom lights. I want several of these.

My apple crepe. I didn't take a picture of Jim's caramel crepe--we were too busy eating it.

The BZH menu on an Apple computer screen. They somehow put the pieces of paper behind the screen glass and no it wasn't a computer generated image appearing on the screen.

the restaurant dog. He wandered around the restaurant and would occasionally stop to let people pet him, or he would nap under a table.

from the outside


Jen said…
BZH was delicious! Well, except for the barn flavored sausage. The dessert more than made up for it. We loved it so much that we went back a second time, too, and I didn't get barn meat again. The place was just wonderful with all the French waiters and authentic French eaters, but the animals wandering around was the perfect touch.
Jen said…
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