Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping

into the future...

10 things about this summer
1. Paul is working for my brother, much like I work for my brother, but I get to do a lot more sitting than Paul does. Paul is a stable boy, essentially. He's glorified go-fer, but he's doing stuff like fixing a car, assembling a wind machine, cleaning out a chicken coop, splitting wood, babysitting hyper little cousins, among many other things. Every job Mike says he's given to Paul is an experience Jim and I could never give Paul. I hope someday Paul looks back fondly on his time with Uncle Mike.
2. Two kids got their driver's licenses!!! Both had difficult (and very different) paths to achieving their licenses, and much was overcome! That's the last of the licenses to get. No more driving to seminary, and much fewer drives to kids' work.
3. Jim and I are planning the road trip out to Utah to take Hayley to college. We plan to see Devil's Tower, Yellowstone Park (Old Faithful), Jimmy, and Beartooth Pass. Both of us are excited.
4. We lost 1.5 trees in our yard. One to a dumb driver and one to us not pruning it and the weight of the apples was too much for it and half of it fell off.
5. I made a swell grad cake for Hayley, and an I'm-too-tired-to-exert-a-lot-of-effort-because-I-used-it-all-on-Hayley's-grad-cake birthday cake for Paul.
6. Can't quite wrap my head around Hayley going to college. She's my little Cheeky! Who will I laugh at funny memes with? Matt.
7. Matt has started to watch "The X-Files." I am secretly happy about this. Soon I will rewatch the whole series, after I am done with "Stargate: Atlantis."
8. Katie and I went to a fabbo cupcake place called Sweet Retreat. Two of the cupcakes had gold glitter on them--that's how fancy they were! I LOVED the almond cupcake and the oreo one with cookies and cream frosting.
9. I have killed almost a dozen japanese beetles in my deck plants. I found one on my neck this evening and at first it freaked me out and I flung it halfway across the room. Fortunately, japanese beetles are slow, and after I recovered, I grabbed a couple of kleenexes and sent the beetle to its eternal reward. I went out almost hourly today to pick them off my flowers. I fear becoming Carl Spackler-ish in my quest to rid my plants of these pests.
10. I have a mosquito bite on my back in a place where I can't quite reach and I CAN'T FIND MY BACK SCRATCHER. It's gone walkabout. When it gets back, I'm going to give it SUCH a talking to.


Jen said…
It's been fun having Paul here. I hope he's enjoying it and feeling like his experience is worthwhile. Have a safe trip taking Hayley to UT. It sounds like you are making sure to hit all the good spots on the way out there. Good luck to Hayley at school!