Vanna White in my vehicle, my albino Dodge Caravan.

Since Matt got his license, he has driven Vanna more than I have.

Two kids with driver's licenses and various places to go at different times, and only one car between them.

It won't last long, since the two-kids-one-car situation is only in place for another few weeks, but it's still strange to say, "take the van."

The norm for dinner has also changed. It's rare to have the kids home to eat with us.

The transition to empty nesters is ramping up.

Wildlife on walk report:
This evening's walk was a two-bun affair. The two I saw were quite frisky.


Dennis said…
It's hard to believe that you soon will have only one child left at home. Children grow up so fast but then they have childen of their own and you get to grandma them. Empty nesting isn't such a bad thing but it does take some getting used to.