A Halloween story

Magic the cat escaped the house last night. I came home from play rehearsal with a catnip candy corn mousie for him, but after clicking my tongue as a signal for treats for several minutes with no response, I saw that the deck screen door was open. Magic can open the screen door unless it's taped shut, and guess who didn't tape it shut last night? Not me. I was at play rehearsal.

So I went outside to track Magic down, using my flashlight app because sometimes I can spot the kitty's eyes with it, even into neighbors' yards. But after two circuits of the house and several literal cat calls, still no Magic. Jim even tried, although Magic probably wouldn't come in if Jim was calling him.

We went to bed, confident that a homesick kitty would be waiting at the bottom of the deck stairs in the morning (why he waits at the bottom of the stairs and not right at the door, I have no idea). He's escaped dozens of times before and the few times he's been out overnight, he shows up in the morning ready to come back in the house.

At 4:50 a.m. (I checked), I heard a hideous meowing, a true caterwauling. There was hissing and growling and low pitched cat crying, such as I have not heard from Magic ever before. I got up to let Magic in and turned on the dining room light so I could see what I was doing because it was still midnight black outside. I opened the deck door and called "Kitty!" Magic came speeding up the stairs and shot through the dining room and living room, down the stairs.

I looked back out onto the deck to see what could cause such fear (he was obviously afraid of something, judging from the caterwauling I heard and the speed at which he entered the house). I saw a grey kitty loping up the stairs and onto the deck. It had a bottlebrush tail. It looked like Servo.

Zombie Servo.

The zombie apocalypse has started--with cats.

I shut the deck door as fast as I could. Zombie Servo turned around and loped back down the stairs to parts unknown.

I haven't checked his grave for a hole yet.

True story.


TaterBean said…
Magic is afraid of everything. Lol Including his own kind. I truly hope it's not a zombie Servo.