Senior pictures photo shoot without the senior pictures

Matt had his senior pictures taken last weekend. Jen, my brother's wife, was kind enough to come out for the weekend to take the pictures. The following pictures are not the senior pictures; they are my pictures of the place we went to have them taken: Mills Ruin Park, which is a fun little park set down by the Mississippi River by St. Anthony Falls, where there are ruins of a grain mill that exploded. There were many people there taking pictures and I can see why. It's a pretty place. Matt's requirements for industrial, decrepit, and nature were all met in this little park by the stone arch bridge.
the stone arch bridge. We are on the downstown Mpls side

Jenny crouching down under one of the stone arches to get a cool picture of Matt. 

Minneapolis framed by an arch

some mill ruins in the park

an archway in the ruins

that black sticky out thing is part of the Walker Art center. Haven't gone there yet, but it's a goal

more ruins

even more ruins

mountain goat Matt

arches and rusted steel

Matt's indie album cover, should he record music

I love the smokestacks. It looks so Russian Industrial/Communist

I just like the bridge a lot, ok?

The photographer with her grandniece