Rehearsing has nothing to do with riding in a hearse again

..even though it should.

A few pictures from before the play begins. 
Flo sits with the two Spanish guys

View from my seat onstage. The script won't be there some opening night. Dang. 

Makeup trial

The Pure-a-tron is onstage. Don't know what a Pure-a-tron is? Come to the show and find out. 
My costumes are compiled (all 3), but I need more jewelry. The hair is still TBD, but the hairstylist says she's going for an 80s Madonna look for me. My bio is written for the program, my lines are mostly learnt.  This will be fun!  Nov 4-5, 11-12 at Twin Oaks.


TaterBean said…
Very much excited to see it!