Robot cake

My little baby chose to grow up, the stinker. He went and turned 18. He's registered to vote, he sports long sideburns and some chin fur. He argues all the time about trivial things and we pretend debate and then it ends up as a "yes way, no way" back and forth. I wish I could remember what those debates have been about because they are really trivial and amusing.

Anway, he grew up, dangit.

As is tradition in our family, I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, and meant it not just flavor-wise. What theme or design did he want? He said, "I've had two Doctor Who cakes, an X-Files cake, and meme cakes in the past. How about robots. I'll leave it to you to interpret it."

So a robot cake. He's on the high school robotics team so that was not an off the wall suggestion. I did incorporate the KING TeC logo on the robot on the cake. I also incorporated lights! Flashing lights. When I was thinking about what to put on the cake, I searched LED flashing lights small on Amazon and sho' nuff, they had a product that would work with a cake!

Matt and cake

I googled robot font and found this one that I really liked. Maybe it's too 70s, but it says ROBOT to me.

If I'm going to put robots on a cake, I'm going to make sure Crow T Robot and Tom Servo are two of them. And Matt likes MST3K as well, so it was not wasted on him. 
And now, I am done making hideously time-consuming birthday cakes. I will still make the graduation cake for Matt, but other than that, it'll be cake and frosting and that's it. Maybe some icing flowers or something, but no more three-day processes.


TaterBean said…
But what about special cakes for dad?