Back from gone to Korea

Hayley's home! 

When we got to the airport, we asked which door she would be at, and she said 3. So as I got to baggage claim, I watched as door 1 went by, then 2, then 4.... No 3! I parked the car by door 5 and sent Paul and Jimmy in. She had mistaken baggage carousels for doors and was down by door 6 (which was by carousel #3). But all is well, we've had breakfast at IHOP (she missed breakfast foods while in Korea) and we are home now, and she is using a normal shower for the first time in 4 months.

There she is!

The boys were a big help with the luggage

Happy to be in the USA



TaterBean said…
Sad I missed out on breakfast with everyone (minus dad I'm sure)...I had just woken up when Jimmy texted me.
TaterBean said…
But yay for everyone being home now!