I never take very many pictures on Christmas

But I have to post something. All 5 kids are in Minnesota, the last college kid arrived from Korea on Friday. The house seems smaller, even smaller than it did when all of them were kids and lived here permanently. But that's ok. We still manage to eat, sleep, talk, watch movies, do laundry, laugh, and hang out so house size isn't that big of a deal. 

all 5 babies home. We are playing games on the TV. JackboxTV thing that Jimmy has. I like the drawing one the best. 

I put out a plate of cheese and crackers after church on Christmas day, and the kids make short work of it. 

Matt and his robotic arm. 

Hayley brought home a face mask for me to try. It effected great beauty on my face, but I didn't really get the hang of plastering it to my face with minimal wrinklage. I think my face is too short. Hayley fared much better. 
Christmas day was less relaxing than I like, mostly because it fell on a Sunday and I am the ward music director, and I had a lot of musical fingers in the pie during the one meeting we had. Katie had even more than I did so I'm sure she was way more stressed. Anyway, I played prelude, the opening hymn, sang a solo (with Katie playing the flute), directed the choir, and accompanied the RS choir. I would prefer to do less on Christmas day, but at least Christmas on a Sunday doesn't happen very often. And maybe next time I won't be ward music director. Also, the bishop mixed up the musical numbers so we went out of order from the program, but that was a small thing. I do like a lot of music for Christmas based sacrament meetings, so of course it was all beautiful. The congregation sang heavenly and loudly for all the hymns. Of course we all know and love Christmas hymns, but I just get a special tingle up my arms hearing all of us singing joyfully together. The other bothersome thing about Christmas on a Sunday was that it was right in the middle of the day (1 p.m.) and that made me anxious about getting a holiday dinner ready. In the end it all worked out. We had a good time with all the kids and grandkids and kid-in-law. Jackson LOVED Hayley's lava lamp.