So, November

I'm going to do a picture dump, like Kate does on her blog. I don't have ridiculously cute babies though, but I did manage to get a few pictures of her ridiculously cute babies on my camera so there will be cuteness. And Matt isn't so bad either. 
My only picture from our anniversary date. Red Lobster and then a movie after. Jim did go along, but I didn't take a picture of him. 28 years of marriage! Whew!  

Matt at the Minne Mini robotics meet. We were there only a short while (Matt was there all day) but we did get to see Matt and the KING TeC robot

the robot shooting boulders into a fortress

robot grabs a boulder

We babysat Jackson and Emma Thanksgiving morning so Katie and Christian could run/walk a 5k. We had fun activities planned for Jackson and water beads, which he called bouncy balls, was one of them. 

Then there was the pompoms and tubes activities, which occupied Jackson for nearly 20 minutes

We had to go walkies and Jackson brought along a "book" (Lego instruction manual) which Jackson read to himself, and said "The End" at the appropriate time. He also said, "Hey Bud"

Jackson having a moment on the floor at the club where we had Thanksgiving dinner

My sibs, me, and our mother.

Magic wants the shiny pretty things

Sister Jen and I went to the Downton Abbey costume exhibit at MOA. What fun! It was cool to see the actual costumes worn by some of the cast. The stitching and beading and 20s fashion was glorious and a wonder to behold. I even enjoyed seeing the wear and tear of use on the outfits. I would have been afraid to do anything wearing those outfits.  

Ruffle butt leggings! 

At Jim's hip surgery checkup, the assistant took one look at my outfit and asked "Lularoe Carly?" Yep. I'm a fan. I've had several people see me out and about wearing something Lularoe and they will ask. It's a cult I tell you,. But a very comfortable and cute cult.

Jim's new titanium hip

A Christmas bauble

favorite new Christmas assortment of decor


TaterBean said…
I love photo dumps! Do these a lot!