16 things

Namely years, in the case of Hayley. It's hard to believe that she has been around for 16 years. She was born back when we were still in the townhouse. Not that she remembers living there.

16 things about Hayley:
1. She gets packages in the mail. She's some sort of trendsetter on a website and as a result of having so many followers, she gets freebies in the mail.
2. I tease her about it, saying she's like Lane's little brother in "Better Off Dead," but I don't think she can build a rocket out of cheap t-shirts and leggings with skulls on the knees (which is what her packages usually contain)
3. She's going to prom
4. and proudly wearing a dress she rescued from the dress up box, one that used to be Katie's.
5. She stayed home sick from school today (the day after her birthday)
6. I think she just stayed up too late playing with her birthday present
7. which was an electronic drawing tablet.
8. She goes to friends' houses after school at least twice a week.
9. I assume they feed her.
10. She asked to play a family game for her birthday
11. She likes family games, and usually invites a "friend" over to play with us.
12. You'll see the "friend" in the pictures below.
13. His name is Kyle and he's a senior.
14. His house is supposedly not one of the friends' houses she goes to, but then I don't know that for sure.
15. I still trust her.
16. The same things make us laugh.

Killer bunny game. I won.

Hayley's Marceline cake. (google Marceline Adventure Time if you don't know who she is)

setting up Killer Bunnies

Hayley and Marceline

Strange face

I have no idea.


Jenni said…
That looks like a fabulous birthday! It is an interesting thing to have teenagers. You knew them as kids and didn't notice them turning into independent teens who go over to people's houses. She is a nice kid, and that is nice that she wanted to play games with her family. Did Paul participate? I know he technically "lives at home" right now. And I love Hayley's cake. It is one of my favorites that you have done. Now I want you to do Harry Potter's "Monster Book of Monsters" because I think you can.
Jen said…
I'm still so amazed by the cake! Just the idea and the execution of it. Very cool! My girls will go nuts when they see it. So tell me how/where Hayley has enough followers to acquire free stuff. I'm asking because I want me some free stuff, too. I'm also glad to see someone else's birthday wish is just to hang out with her family. Mine, too. Although I do like going out to eat because then I can avoid cooking.

Happy birthday, Hayley!
Jake Hawley said…
Fyi, Lane Meyer's brother is Badger. Happy Birthday Hayley! Cool cake, Sara. You didn't mention any driving news. Is there none? BTW, Spamalot was a lot of fun.
TaterBean said…
I can't wait to see pictures of Hayley in her prom dress! I wore that dress for lots of things! I think one of those things was Homecoming in 9th grade.