Jim has entered Area 51

Jim had a birthday yesterday! Cake!

Of course the ideas for cake decoration always come at the last minute so I don't have time to fully flesh out the idea and collect materials. But since cake is meant to be eaten, I don't mind so much that my ARTISTIC VISION is not fully realized. Plus, Jim doesn't care. When I asked him what kind of cake I should make him, his response was "whatever, just not strawberry flavored." And even then, he said, "I'd still eat it, though." Has there EVER been a guy easier to please than Jim? I think not.

The idea came from his age. Yes, he's 51. And when I hear "51," first thing that springs to mind is Area 51, that secret military base that houses aliens. How to turn that into a cake? Pretend that Jim is an alien.

I like the lettering style of the 51. It ain't perfect, but I like it. The HB, in case you can't figure it out, means Happy Birthday

The cake plate is upside down and covered in foil to represent a UFO. I'm so clever.

Birthday boy with cake
His present this year will be new flooring in the kitchen and dining room sometime this summer. I'm contributing my birthday money to this as well, so it's also a gift for me.


Jenni said…
I could have made him alien cupcakes to match!!! He seems thrilled with his cake and prospect of new flooring. I understand. When we replaced our floors, I was thrilled. Happy Birthday Jim. I hope he shouted "Hooray" at least once.
Jen said…
Haha, I love it! A very appropriate cake indeed. I may have to steal the idea doe Mike's 51st;) I'm glad Jim enjoyed it as well as the rest of the family. And I can't wait to see what new floors you decide to install. Now that's my kind of project.
Mike said…
I believe...
Jen said…
P.S. Why stop at just the kitchen/dining area? Do the living room, too!