How to significantly raise Paul's blood pressure

Paul is having surgery on Friday. Nothing major; the orthopedic surgeon is just going to fix his funky meniscus and pop a cyst (that sounds like fun. I wonder if they would let me do it) in his knee.

So today Paulie went in to the dr for a pre-op physical and as is routine, they hooked him up to the blood pressure cuff. While the nurse was checking his bp, he asked the nurse if she was going to do a blood draw at this physical. She said, "Yes."

And she watched Paul's bp skyrocket.

She said, "I can tell by your bp that you don't like that."

I had a good laugh when Paul told me.

I would like to hook Paul up to a bp cuff and see what else would send his bp to new heights. Spiders for sure. Unclean/unvacuumed rooms perhaps?


Jenni said…
That's hilarious. Best of luck to Paul. I guess he'll have to lay off the running for a bit. Maybe he can get in some enthusiastic vacuuming to keep his figure.
Jen said…
Poor Paul. He just can't seem to catch a break. Hopefully, this will finally be what he needs to fix him all up. I laughed at your final thing to make Paul's bp go up...unvacuumed floors. I really should have had him vacuum when he was here, only to make him feel better, of course.