#4 in my quest to meet every single author in the world

I've decided that I need to go to more book signings. They seem to be a lot of fun.

Last Sunday as I was perusing the Variety section of the paper, I happened upon a listing for a book signing for an author Matt really likes at a St Paul bookstore. In amazing alignment of the planets, we were totally free last night when the signing took place. I was so glad to be able to go; I feel like I don't do much with the kids anymore because I'm so dang busy all the time. Woe to me.

Anyway, we got to the signing nice and early and grabbed a prime spot. The bookstore is a small one and they had only about 25 chairs set up. I wondered if they really expected that few people--this author is a "#1 New York Times bestseller!" (His name is Brandon Mull)

And I was right. There ended up being closer to 100 people there, most of them ages 8-12. Matt was one of the older kids in the room. He definitely had the deepest voice.

Brandon Mull was fun to listen to. He told us a little about what he's written and how he writes and then took questions from the audience.
Then the book signing! Matt and I waited in line while Jim sat in the chairs and talked to a lady from church whose daughter works at the bookstore and arranged this event (and who got to drive Brandon Mull around during the day).

When we finally got up to have our books signed, Matt was all smiles. This guy and James Dashner are his favorite authors. Matt was wearing his Adventure Time t-shirt and Brandon saw it and commented that they watch a lot of Adventure Time at their house too. Matt had Brandon sign one book "Hi Matt" and then I jokingly suggested for the second one, "Hi Smacky." Brandon laughed and asked if that was a nickname, and Matt said, "One of many." But Matt allowed the nickname to be written.
Brandon Mull and I discussing the spelling of "Smacky"

Yep, Smacky
Brandon Mull signing for me
Then I got a book signed. While we were in line, I suggested to Matt that we have Brandon write "Brandon Mull signed this" and Matt laughed. So that's what I requested. Brandon got a puzzled look on his face, and then said, "but don't sign it?" and I said "Correct." He replied, "I've never had that one before." But he did what I asked.
I'm going to ask all authors to write in their books like this. I might even have all of them write "Brandon Mull signed this."

Brandon Mull was great with all the kids who came to see him. He chatted with them, answered their questions about his stories, and promised more good books to come.

See Matt's smile? This was a fun day for him (and me)
Visit an author near you!


Jenni said…
That is very cool! Maddie just reread "the Host" and then went and saw the movie last night. She loved it. I mention "The Host" because you got Stephenie to sign it for me. You are good at book signings.
I can't wait to see The Host! I'm glad Maddie liked it. I love book signings. Stephenie Meyer's book signing was a huge event. This was more personal. Brandon mentioned that he has met Stephenie before. And he said he's friends with Matt's other fave author James Dashner.
Did you already know that James Dashner was my high school homecoming date? We go out to lunch every few months with our other Georgia friends. If you ever want me to get him to sign something for Matt, I will.
uhhhhhhhhhh, Steph, NO I did NOT know that! I might need pictorial evidence! Matt would LOVE a James Dashner signature! I heartily enjoyed Maze Runner and once I stop teaching seminary I plan to begin reading again, and the rest of that series is on my to-read list. We love 13th Reality too.

Let me know how to get stuff signed (and I might have to have you sign your book too).

I'm geeking out here.
Jake and Steph said…
Sara, Dylan has read a couple of the Dashner books. If you ever hear of a Dashner signing in the area, let us know. I, too, have enjoyed Maze Runner and am currently on Scorch Trials. We've done baseball card signings, but never book signings. Thanks for the idea. Maybe you should "Pin" it, tweet it, Instagram it, facebook it, and other noun-turned verb internet related sharing mechanisms. :)