1 more day and I can't think of anything else

What Super Bowl?

I spent Super Bowl working on book 2 of EJ's mission emails/pictures. I got through April 2013. His book from the first year is sitting on my coffee table, waiting for him.

Yesterday at church, many people stopped me to ask, "are you excited?" One lady said, "Two weeks til EJ comes home, yes?" and she was floored to hear "no, two days." It has gone by so very fast, yes it has. Nobody told me that it would. The only slow time is on Mondays from about 1 p.m. until I get an email from the missionary. Next Monday won't be so slow. I'll still be waiting for the Peruvian to email but he usually gets his correspondence in the internet mail system before 1 p.m. Usually. Also, only a year and a half until EP gets home. Can it be that he already has 6 months?



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Counting down is so hard!